Up and to the Right

UP AND TO THE RIGHT is a cover band, mostly focusing on oldies from the 50s to the 70s. The band does cover modern music as well, and performs in the Bay Area. Nathaniel Rothrock is the lead male vocalist, keyboardist, and guitarist. Also featured in the band is Cynthia Sleight, female vocalist, Ray Rothrock, bass player, Peter Sawyer, guitar soloist, and Brazos Donahoe, drummer. Contact Nathaniel for bookings throughout the Bay Area, and follow UP AND TO THE RIGHT on Facebook!

UP AND TO THE RIGHT, performing at the Great American Music Hall in 2013 for the National Venture Capitalist Association.

LATEST NEWS: Up and To the Right continues to grow in popularity, having toured to Austin. It is available for private and public gigs. Contact Nathaniel for details and information about upcoming gigs in San Francisco and Beyond!

Nathaniel Rothrock 2018